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The Story Behind the Blog

Why would anybody in their right mind name a blog "Lemon in My Coke, Si Us Plau"?

After days of just trying to figure out which blog platform to use, I then had to decide on a name. I thought for two days just on that. At some point, I gave up trying to think of something cute and clever that would poetically meld my "self" with my new life in Barcelona. So, who in their right mind, you ask? Nobody, probably...but here's why.

  • Lemon in my Coke - You really don't even have to ask for the lemon. If you order Coke, anywhere, it will have a slice of lemon in it. They even sell "Coke with lemon" in cans here. Sadly, I have yet to find Cherry Coke, Wild Cherry Pepsi, or any Dr. Pepper, let alone Cherry Dr. Pepper. I did find Diet Pepsi with Lime, but I haven't had it yet. Lemon in my Coke it is.
  • Si Us Plau is Catalan (the co-official language in Barcelona, along with Castilian) word for "please". Since I am learning Catalan and will be seeking a Master's in Linguistics, it seemed like a cool idea. Maybe it would catch people's attention enough that they would want to read more.
There you have it.

Yep, there's a limon in my Coke...I mean lemon.
So, who am I? I am an American who has left everything to tag along with my fiance who will be studying at ESADE in Barcelona. I also will be attending university but for a master's in Linguistics at Pompeu Fabra. I am hoping that this blog will help us to keep in touch with family and friends, as well as share valuable knowledge about our new surroundings for visitors and other students. Enjoy!


  1. wow lemon in your coke.. no cherry coke/pepsi.. no dr. pepper.. pack your bags and move back now that place sucks!

  2. I have found cherry coke for .90 euro per can at at the American grocery store and 1.20 euro per can at the British one. There is Pepsi with lime in a can and Coke with lemon in a can....but no cherry anything. I did see Dr. Pepper at one British store. I guess you know what to bring with you when you come now!


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