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Making your Padrón Appointment

This can save you a lot of time!

Just click on this link and then click Solicitud to make your appointment. Baja will cancel your current appointment, and Consulta will let you enter info to get details about a current appointment. Using these links is ideal, because calling the office costs money!
  • Here is page one of the appointment form with English subtitles, courtesy of moi!
  • Then, it will tell you which offices have appointments they day you want. There may be more than one page. Hopefully the closest one to you has appointments that day.
    • Click it and hit Continuar or click Atrás to go back and choose a different date.
    • Once you hit continue, a box will pop up and tell you that your appointment is for a Padrón and where to get more info about it.
    • Hit the "X" in the box.
  • Now you can see what times are available on that day at that location, or choose a different date.
  • Below, you can have it remind you: (this may or may not work*)
    • Of your appointment [ ] days before, by email and/or mobile phone
    • If there is a change or cancellation, by email and/or mobile phone
    • The details of the appointment, by email and/or mobile phone
    • Click Continuar to keep going.
  • Next you can see the info you have entered:
    • Modificar informació will let you edit
    • Click Enviar to finalize
  • If you get this message, you will know that the appointment was done correctly!
    • Now save and print the .pdf file with the details of your appointment
    • Guard that .pdf print out with your life!
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