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Monday, January 26, 2015

Advance Screening Soliloquy Kingsman: The Secret Service

I've been trying to figure out what to write about Kingsman: The Secret Service since I saw it at an advance screening on Thursday. I mean, I love spy movies, bad puns and all, but this one's so much more (and less) than that.

The beginning of an epic scene
Photo Credit: Fox Movies

Sure, you get a healthy dose of all things awesome: Alfred (Michael Caine), puppies, great accents, cool gadgets, and a feel-good, heart warming underdog story.

It's not without the typical bad puns and quirky villains that spy movies are known for either. Albeit this time, one has a lisp and can't stand the sight of blood. Samuel L. Jackson's character feels like a creepy spoof of some well-known tech moguls and swings this movie a bit more in Austin Powers territory. Another has some pretty cray-zay prosthetic limbs that definitely don't slow her down.

And, despite the name, Kingsman isn't about just one man, nor is it solely about men at all. Roxy is a strong character who, despite having a bit of an Achilles heel (who doesn't?) really adds to this film. Sure, they just had to throw in a stereotypical damsel in distress character too, but hopefully she won't be the butt of any jokes when this movie is released. It really has so much to offer otherwise.

Which, brings me to the real question: how do you fairly rate a movie that you didn't have to pay to see? Without the guilt of having emptied your wallet to enjoy your night out, one might be inclined to leave an overly positive review.

Will tackles this question with his own review of the movie at his new blog (which also doubles as his, huh?). You can read his full review with a rating at Kingsman: The Secret's Out.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 is Here, and So Is the Pub Food!

Pub Food FTW!

So, the only thing that stays the same is that everything changes. We are starting to get accustomed to Cali life and are really enjoying our surroundings. You really can see the mountains from Mountain View, which is in stark contrast to Indiana living (although not so different from Spain or Hong Kong). 

We've only been to a few restaurants since we arrived in November, but they've all been great. One of the first places we tried was while looking for an apartment, Lilly Macs.

We were fortunate enough to be walking by during Happy Hour (which is Monday - Friday from 3p-7p). I had an order of Mini Fish and Chips ($6), and Will had a burger with egg and other toppings ($6). There are beers/wines on special during Happy Hour too, and the Happy Hour food menu listed online is nowhere as large as the one we saw in front of the restaurant that day.

Everything was delicious, and our server at the bar was awesome. You really can't beat two meals for $12 anywhere, especially when everything was so perfect.

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