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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I Break for Bling

Butterfly High Jewelry is where it's at.

Logo I designed on wintery wonderland background
Photo & logo by me

So, I've been home on "break" from grad school for a little while. By "break", I mean I have been working my butt off to finish final papers (one of which is a draft for my thesis). Whew! While I await further comments from my director, I've certainly been keeping busy.

Photo Credit: Outlander on Facebook

Busy reading some great new books, like Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon and wishing the TV series version on Starz would start soon...Busy playing video games (I find myself embarrassingly addicted to Skylanders and the demo for Bravely Default)...and busy actually getting to act like I have a real job. I've been teaching English whenever possible, but I miss working full time. Now at home on "break", I've been able to do just that. I've been learning new things while employing skills I love, like photography.

Once Upon a Blue Glass and Swarovski Crystal Pendant, photo taken by me during the "Polar Vortex". I had to come inside after shooting every item because it was SO COLD

My fiance's mother, Bev, has been designing and making handcrafted jewelry for a few years now. She attends shows and sells her amazing items there, but the heydays of the "craft fair" seem to have come and gone. In this digital age, there is no time like the present to transition a small, handmade items business to the internet. And so, during this "break" in which we have been plagued with more snow and yucky weather than we'd care to admit, Will and I have been helping his mom to do just that. 

The shop is open for business!
Right now, reroutes to the Etsy store. :)
Photo by me
This post is just an introduction and review of what's been going on, but I'd like to include some tips and tricks for Etsy in future posts, especially for how to take great photos of jewelry (I'm still learning, but I'm happy to share what's worked and save you time by admitting what hasn't!).

Whimsical Wonderland Cat's Eye Earrings
Photo by me
For now, you can like Butterfly High Jewelry's Facebook page to make sure you get updates when we post new items or have sales. Make sure to visit the shop too, at because right now we have a SPECIAL going on. All items in the Dreamy Discounts section ship for free when purchased with another item. :D

Alright, back to work for me! Don't forget to take a "Break for Bling" and check out all of the hard work Bev, Will, and I have put into this little gem!

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