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Monday, June 24, 2013

You Just Don't Stop

This is what I have been hearing non-stop for the last several days.

After the third or fourth time, I finally stopped to reflect. Friends and neighbors have been asking about our summer plans. After taking nearly a full time schedule for my master's degree, teaching multiple private classes this year, interning as a language teaching assistant and managing the intern blog, interning elsewhere to manage a linguistics study and doing some interpretations and transcriptions, I am ready to relax.

Bubbles in the air @ Parc de la Maternitat
Last day of class with the 4-6 year-olds
However, when I tell people that Will and I are traveling to Italy and then Hong Kong this summer, they don't look surprised at all when they respond, "You just don't stop." When they say, "So, are you learning Italian now too?" I respond, "I actually started my Italian lessons before we moved to Barcelona". I only stopped because I wanted to get a head start on Catalan before we arrived.

City Wall of Girona
from Recent Travels...We're Always Traveling!
And what about Mandarin? Yes, Mandarin too. We want to travel in mainland China, and I am excited to practice. Cantonese? Well, I haven't found many resources for that yet, but maybe once we arrive. :)

Maybe I "just don't stop," but I am ready to relax a little. I already started by fixing some holes in my jeans. I'd like to thank my good friend Selena of Saving with Selena for being my personal consultant on the matter! I'll get back into some classes that I have been meaning to play around with, maybe some Code Academy tutorials like Selena and Will suggested. I'll start thinking a little more about my final project for my degree. I have some great books to read, and this wonderful blog to update! 

Let the summer begin! And, yeah...everyone is right. I just don't stop.

Awww, I remember Muzzy from first grade! 

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