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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Student Residence Card Renewal 1: Proof of Financial Means

AKA, the NIE/TIE (a misnomer of sorts)

The NIE is the "Número de Identificación de Extranjeros". It's a number you get for tax and legal purposes.

The TIE is the "Tarjeta de Identificación de Extranjeros". This card card has your pic, personal information, fingerprint, and NIE number. It will expire. 

People often refer to the card as the NIE or TIE, or student residence card, but whatever you call it, you will have to renew it if you plan to stay more than a year. As a non-EU citizen studying in Spain, I will have to renew mine in order to continue finish my degree.

Yay!d....I can't wait to deal with all this paperwork and jump through these hoops like a circus animal (not!). If you are reading this, I bet you will have to do the same too. So, as I did with the post about getting your empadronamiento and making your appointment for the empadronamiento, I would like to tell you how this process goes for me as I do it. 

Maybe I can even save you some headaches...maybe.

I made Oreo Puppy Chow to prepare myself for what I assumed would be a terrible experience...

So, the Proof of Financial Means... 

Because it is possible for this information to change, and because some requirements are different depending on how long your program is or if you have family with you, I won't state exactly how much money you need to show proof of. However, I will tell you that a cute letter signed by your parents stating they will help you and give you money each month (like what I needed for my visa) will not cut it!  A single person could have to show a current statement of more than 6k euros, students applying with a family member (or members) more. You also have other options, like showing a certain amount of money deposited monthly (around 500 euros) for the last six months with a balance maintained above a certain number.

Let's just say, many of us were shocked and immediately began thinking about how we were studying and didn't have jobs to help keep that much in the bank, let alone some fairy godmother who graciously sends us 500 euros of allowance per month.

What to do:
  1. After you find some way to meet the requirements (and way before the card expires, please. UPC just posted a notice that you can be fined 500 euros for turning in documents late! See this link.), go to your bank with your current TIE and your passport. A copy of the passport worked for me, but I wouldn't push it.
  2. If you go to Sabadell Bank in Pedralbes (ESADE students...) you can walk up to the guy who sits next to the caixa workers (you know...the guy who doesn't bother to look busy) and tell him you need to renew your student card. He will contact the appropriate person to help you.
  3. A nice lady (who spoke English) brought us to her office, and we explained to her what we needed. She was very nice and said there is a charge of 6 euros to make the stamped certificates. She took down information from our documents and told me to return to her office on Monday (it was a Thursday I think, not bad! Maybe I got extra points for speaking Catalan).
  4. I returned the following Tuesday directly to her office (I'm sure the not-busy guy was happy I didn't bother him). She knew exactly who I was and had everything ready except for printing my bank statement. I received the certificate which states when I started my account with them and that it's still active (stamped and signed) and then my statement for three months with current balance (stamped). Note that if you want to show your fairy godmother deposits instead of your current balance, you need 6 months for your statement. I am hoping that it won't be a problem to have these two documents versus just a letter that states my balance. We'll see.
  5. I was ready to pay her, but she took the payment directly out of the account. Easy enough, but I'd come ready with cash just in case your bank isn't so lenient.

That's it! I'll continue to update with each hoop I jump through. ;)

PS, check out this adorable IU piggy bank. Too bad I can't get him to make my certificates. 

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