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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Proof of Entitlement to Graduate Studies

I'm entitled, and you probably are too!

Entitled: Gus thinks he is entitled to steal the blanket and the recliner. Jerk!

In order to apply to grad school in Spain, it was necessary for me to show some kind of letter to "certify" my degree and show that I was "entitled" to pursue graduate studies. 

It sounds simple enough, but it was difficult to explain to my alma mater. 

Apparently, I am not alone in this! Some incoming students have voiced questions about what this letter needs to contain, so I am posting mine here (with personal information blurred out). This way, you may be able to show your university an example for them to work from. 

Note: My letter was for Universitat Pompeu Fabra, so I can't guarantee this letter would work for every university that requests one of this nature.

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  1. You would think transcripts would make more sense. Anyone can forge a letter like this.


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