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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Game of Thrones!

As many of you  know, Game of Thrones has started again.

This means I will be patiently waiting anxiously waiting for each new episode to air. Between episodes, I've been taking in as much fanfare as I can by following GoT on Facebook. They ever-so-graciously pointed me in the direction of Join The Realm, a great site that lets people create their own GoT sigils and see sigils made by others (including House Ninja Turtle, House Balboa and House Oreo.

So, I thought that I should join in too! House 'Lona (from my screen name, Not Alone in 'Lona) is proud to present our sigil!

Just imagine there's some Coke with a slice of lemon in that chalice! 

So, how about you? What would your sigil be? 

P.S. Apparently "Gangnam Style" sensation Psy has a new song, "Gentleman." It is supposed to be released tomorrow (Friday), but below is a preview. What do you think? 

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