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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Viaggio in Italia: un antipasto (2 Parte)

Vacation in Italy: an Appetizer (Part 2: Florence)


1. Pisa - November 1, 2012 (Part 1)
2. Florence - November 1 & 2, 2012 (Part 2)
3. Rome & The Vatican - November 2 & 3, 2012 (Part 3)

If you have already read Part 1, you know that we had a "fun" time just getting to Florence. We were running late and had a difficult time finding the train station at night. Once we arrived in Florence, we had a hard time finding the place we had booked because the address system was very different compared to what we were used to.

Day 1 in Firenze: Beauty, Gelato, The Joker, and Gnocchi for Me!

Thankfully, after many payphone calls and running around the corner, we found our hostess. We were a few hours late and ready to get rid of our bags and explore Florence! Little did we realize we were all going to be sharing one room! Rohan and Kshiteesh had bunk beds, and Will and I had our own. 

Being too tired and hungry to care, we walked around the city searching for sustenance (while taking pictures of everything as typical tourists do). 

Before we found food, we found The Joker.

All Saints in Florence: Courtesy of Rohan

So, after taking a moment to get over the surprise of seeing The Joker, we continued on our journey to try some delightful Italian food. Only, if you know me, you know that I had been extremely excited to try gelato. When we realized we would have a longish wait time for food, we booked it to the first gelateria that we could find. 

So....when can we go back!?!?!

After devouring this deliciousness in only a few minutes, we ventured back out to find what some people call "real food" (Here I diverge from the general consensus that dessert is not "real food"). 

We ended up stopping at Pizzeria Tirabaralla. It was wonderful!

Gnocchi, one of my faves!

Despite looking like he would defend his plate with his life, we all shared our food.

Yummy potatoes!

Us, just before waddling out

On the way back to our B&B, we made sure to explore more of the city.

No, we didn't chain up Kshiteesh!

Day 2 in Firenze: Exploring, Il Duomo, and Getting High (altitude...)

We grabbed a little something to eat at the cafe across the street since it was included with our stay and ventured out into the city again!

You didn't know? We drove the Ducati here...

Roosters! So many people in our families love 'em

Amazing masks in one of the stores

Shhhh...don't tell PETA


It was a bit rainy, but nothing was going to stop us from seeing Il Duomo (aka The Florence Cathedral, aka Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore) and exploring as much as we could in the Piazza. Below are some pics of the Baptistry of St. John and the Duomo.

The boys
 Then we made our way to Giotto's Campanile (the bell tower). It was quite a climb up to the top, and some of the stairways on the way up were suuuuuper tiny. It was worth it though! I've never felt so high (please, excuse the lexical ambiguity).

It's SUPER tall

This was as spacious as the steps got.

They just got smaller and smaller from here on out.

The sky really cleared up!

It's so pretty out there!

Why certainly...

There were a few more levels to go up, even after this one

Il Duomo

After that, we had to hurry back to pack up our things and get outta town! (But not before a little more gelato....)
I am normally not affected by heights, but I did get a bit dizzy up here!
And snapping a pic of this awesome horse and buggy
Hey, Pinocchio is Italian!
For the first time, I got to ride in a really nice train with a table and chargers for all of my electronics that I can't live without. Ahhhh, this is the life!
Sorry for the wires, but they were unavoidable!
   And, as quick as that, we were on our way to ROME!!!!  

Maybe I will have to get a Gelato Maker for my piso...

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