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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Catalan: 2B or no 2B? That is the question!

Rather, the question is to take B2 level Catalan classes or not.

Last Wednesday, I finished Catalan B1 (the first of three sub-levels needed to complete an overall A level). You can read more about this class in a previous post.

I decided to "keep on keeping on" without a break and had my first B2 class Monday. It's pretty much necessary since one of my Master's courses will be taught in Catalan next trimester I don' lie though, I really do it because I enjoy it. Also, it's free (minus the cost of the text, 14€ I think).

Wow! The first class was something else. Gone are the days of the teacher speaking slowly to ensure everyone understands. I thought that I would welcome the increased pace, but this time around, maybe I am the one who needs the third repetition of whatever new phrase was spoken.

I am starting the language volunteering program with my university, which I hope will help to increase my processing speed of what is heard as well as my ability to speak more fluidly. Apparently, not many English speakers are taking advantage of the program, thus I have been given two partners instead of the customary single partner which is generally implied by the phrase "language pair". Might as well go all out!

So, here I sit in the metro heading towards my B2 Catalan class for the second installation of You Don' Know Jack, Catalan language edition. Wish me luck!

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