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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

'Merica in My Heart

How's it going so far? Well, we are settled in Barcelona, but there's no place like home.

Family, friends, pets, attending NFL and NBA games, Cherry Pepsi, affordable/easy to find peanut butter (found, I'll tell you where soon!)...I miss you all.

Thankfully, I am able to stay busy enough to not dwell on what and whom I miss...most of the time. Being busy, however, means I don't get to update you as much as I would like.

What have I been up to? Well, here goes nothing:
  • Teaching:
I've been teaching English, and I love it. I'm teaching private classes for business English and English for medical professionals. I'd like to start a conversation group class as well. My schedule is somewhat chaotic (Iwo days a week I teach from 7-8am and have to be at my own Catalan class at 8:45 am. I teach two nights a week as well and will start uni classes soon.), but it works out well. Friday I felt particularly successful as one student told me his coworker was interested in classes, and one of my own classmates from Catalan class wants to work on his English. Since then it's like the floodgates have opened!
  • Learning Catalan:
I'm certainly learning a lot in this new place. I have Catalan classes 4 days a week, 2 hours and 45 mins each day. I am one of the only Americans in my class which is actually a good thing. I've really been able to meet a lot of people that I would have probably never gotten to know otherwise. The class is pretty cool. It's mainly taught in Catalan, but when we don't understand, sometimes the teacher speaks a little Spanish (and sometimes I am still lost). Molt bé (very good), I can review one language while learning a new one. You can learn more about options for starting your own Catalan language adventure in one of my previous posts.
  • Cooking:

My first adventure was Lucky Brownie Batter Choco-Loco Truffles, but I have also made Thin Mints and a version of buckeyes. Do I make more than desserts? Yes, but those meals aren't nearly as interesting. I was excited for corn the night before last. It's sold in vacuum packs of 2 cobs. As a Hoosier, it's preposterous to think that corn is a rare commodity. Then again, I've never seen so many olives in my life (there are five to six different types in jars at the produce shops. You get to choose your own and put them in little containers yourself).
    Do you want the recipe?
    I'll post it if I get at least five responses
    to my question below.
  • Cleaning:
Yeah, I do some of that. Stop laughing.
I'm really happy here. Sure, there's not a lot of corn. Corn's not really a prerequisite for being happy. There's plenty of popcorn, so at least William is content.

I miss 'Merica and my family and friends there so much, but I know I will learn so much from this experience. Where's the farthest from home that you have been? Tell me below, and if I get enough responses, I will post the recipe for the Thin Mints!


  1. I spent a summer in Quebec learning French. I ended up in the hospital there, really really sick. Turns out, when you really need to speak a language you figure it out. It was great for my language lessons... not so great for my body. But I have a French hospital bracelet souvenir! LOL.

    I love reading your posts Kimber... Can I ask why you call it "Merica?" It's kind of weird. I suppose people there say it that way?

    Is one enough for Thin Mints?<---Shameless self-endorsement

    Miss you!

    1. Wow, that's quite a thing to happen to sombody being so far from home!

      Thanks, Selena! I was calling it "'Merica" for humor purposes. It seems to be the new nickname for our country, with a country twang. :) Nobody here says it that I know of, I've just seen it a bit on FB.

      The count is up to two with yourse due to a reply on FB as well. Sadly no, gotta be 5.

      Miss you too! Hope you are feeling better since we last talked.


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