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Friday, September 7, 2012

Bicing "Oh, crap!" Moments

Because life is full of them!

I just wanted to take a minute to share...Will and I have had our Bicing cards for a while now. The program is great. You pay about 45 euros a year for membership in a program that gives you nearly 24-hour public transportation, exercise, and "Oh, crap!" moments.

The first time I rode bicis with Will for any length of time, we were on our way home from the Correfoc at Festa Major de Gràcia. What is "Correfoc", you may ask? It's basically a parade of fireworks. Some people have dragons made of fireworks, and some people run to dance under the fireworks. Some people run after you with fireworks...

The ongoing onslaught of fireworks wasn't one the "Oh, crap!" moments though. It was actually pretty cool.

No, the "Oh, crap!" moment was when we decided to ride bicis from Gràcia to Poble Sec because the metro was closed for the night. Not only is it a little on the scary side to ride your bike at night through Raval, it's scary when you ever-so-slightly mini-bump into your fiancé because he is riding in front of you, and you think he is going to go straight ,and he stops suddenly...whew. Glad I got that off my chest. That was the first "Oh, crap!" moment brought to you courtesy of Bicing (well, by me really). And when I ever-so-slightly mini-bumped Will's calf (okay, let's be honest...I ran into him), it scared the crap out of me. He brushed it off like no big deal, and life went on.

Here's the new logo for the blog's Youtube channel. :)

The next "Oh, crap!" moment was when I realized riding a bici meant playing Barcelona's version of Frogger in real life. Some roads have bici lanes, some don't. Some roads have stop lights for bicis, some don't. Some people get really cranky when you ride on the sidewalk, some don't. Most people don't wait for the bici light to turn green, I generally do.

Here is the favicon I am working on right now.
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This is a test for your enjoyment as it's currently not animating in the browser.

Really, I try very hard to obey the traffic laws. Sometimes when there are absolutely no cars around, well, I do go. But during these "Oh, crap!" moments, my lights have been green!!! The cars have a flashing yellow light most of the time when the bici light is green. Some of them like to try to go before pedestrians and bicis get through the intersection completely. I have successfully leveled up in Frogger-Barcelona Style many times now as a bicyclist and a pedestrian because of that. Admittedly, I lost control of one of my digits the other day as I leveled up. I'm not proud of it.

Look on the positive side...Life's not measured by the amount of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. I wonder if that was inclusive of moments that take our breath away due to near loss of life?  


  1. My oh crap! bicing moment involved accidentally cancelling my whole account at 6am in the morning... clever.

    :) xxx Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog recently... hope all is well with you in Barcelona, xxx

  2. Oh no! I bet that was a mess to figure out.

    You are most welcome! I try to read when I can, but I've been super busy lately. I do love the blog though. You write very well!


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