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Friday, July 27, 2012

So Many Montaditos, So Little Time!

After Will was accepted to ESADE, he promptly searched for a 100 Montaditos nearby.

The prices are unbeatable, and the montaditos are plentiful, so what are you waiting for?

We first tried 100 Montaditos in Madrid last fall with Aida, my host sister from when I lived in Spain in 2004. We went to one location, only to find it *packed* on a Wednesday. Puzzled, we walked to another location nearby, the same story. Why you ask? Because most everything there is 1 euro on Wednesdays. And now...also on Sundays!

Example of our order and notes about some of the
montaditos that came with our Caprichosa!
We found our local 100 Montaditos a few days ago, and it was just as delicious as ever. You order on a little ticket that tells the staff which of the montaditos you want and how many, as well as if you want a combo-like set of montaditos that is already pre-selected, called "tablas". The Caprichosa is good.

Some of the items in the Caprichosa are listed out with their numbers in the middle column of the top section because we wanted to remember them.

The Patatas Fritas Cheddar, Bacòn y Mozarella are HUGE, and DELICIOUS.

Also, the Tinto Verano is wonderful. It tastes similar to sangria, but I like it much more. It's definitely worth trying! If you don't like some for me.

We ordered way too much, and it was worth it. Most of the montaditos are between 1,20 euro and 2,00 euro. The tabla Caprichosa had six different montaditos, if I remember correctly, and came with potato chips for 6,00 euro. We had that tabla, 3 individual montaditos, the loaded fries, a Tinto Verano and a Pepsi for 16,90. We had so much that we had to ask for a box - and yes, we ate them the next day for lunch!

Left bottom: The Patatas (loaded)
Left top: Our 3 montaditos with chips (third one hidden)
Right side: Our Tabla, Caprichosa

A word to the wise - if you want to go on a Wednesday or Sunday, it will be crazy! If you would like to participate in Jarramanía, you can do that any day of the week. For Jarramanía, the 1/2 liter jars of beer are 1 euro with the purchase of a tapa or montadito. Regardless of when you go, I do not think you will be disappointed.

100 Montaditos
Pantalla completaPantalla completaPlaza de Urquinaona, 1
08010 Barcelona

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  1. I am home sick, so I'm hungry as it is just trying to feel better but this made me SOOOOO much hungrier. Yum this looks so good and pretty cheap from what I hear...

  2. It's very cheap. They actually updated their menus here and include some items that are less than 1 euro each. They have a crazy super-saver section where you can get 2 pints of beer and 5 sandwiches for 5 euros....or 25 beers and 25 sandwiches....crazy!

    I'm sorry you are home sick. I am too. Just gotta enjoy the unique things about where you are for now, or look at Pinterest if they aren't that exciting.

  3. I made a favicon for my blog, and I slept (alot). I'm worried I won't feel well enough on Tuesday. I've been out for a week. :/ if you want to make one. I suggest a lemon per your lemon in my coke name. Against a wine red background per your background :) Very Spanish/Tuscan oh-la-la. Miss youz.


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