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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mitsui - Wok, Buffet, and Sushi

Wear your elastic waist pants and waddle on out when you are done.

Nope, it's not a credit card, but it looks like one!
Located in hip Eixample with a couch and a couple of goldfish tanks out front, don't let the  facade and Catalan menu (more like posted buffet prices) fool you into passing by this place.

We went on 24th of July to eat with a couple that we were meeting for the first time. Barcelona Underground reviewed it so highly that Will suggested it would be a good place. The dinner buffet started at 2030hrs and goes until midnight. We arrived at 2100hrs and found the selection surprisingly plentiful and included:
  • Wok station - full of meats, seafood, veggies, and noodles to be prepared by chef
  • "Plancha" station - for the chef to also cook for you on his Hibachi-like grill
  • Salad circle..really, it's huge
  • Oyster bar/Mariscos
  • SUSHI! - super plentiful when we got there and was refreshed, but dwindling by the time we left a few hours later. Included Maki, Nigiri, and some sashimi, several different types.
  • Cooked station - meats, veggies, tempura shrimp, rice, breads, yummy!
  • Dim Sum - We didn't get to try this, but it sounds really good.
  • Postres - candy/sweets station, fruits/jello/yogurt/related dessert station, ice cream (more than 6 flavors)
  • Bar - we didn't order anything from the bar, but it looked fully stocked

Overall, the selection was much better than what I have seen in US buffets, and the quality seems above par. The service is lacking, but you don't need it too much when eating at a buffet. The price, around 14,50 or 14,90 euros per person was good considering all we ate. I hear lunch is a little over half that, but I cannot vouch for the lunch selection.


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Carrer d'Aribau, 112
08036 Barcelona, Spain
934 51 49 99

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