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Sunday, July 22, 2012


Ikea, that is...only that's not how it's pronounced here.

Yes, we caved and took our first trip to Ikea today. I have been in staunch opposition to Ikea ever since I fell in love with a certain Jonas Secretary Desk in Chicago. You see, we did not have room for them (one for each of us) in the car and likely didn't have the money at the time I saw them in Chicago. When I got home, I searched to no avail. Chicago had no more, and no Ikea would ship it to me. I looked everywhere for a functional, cheap, space-saving desk like Jonas since the room BJ an I were using as an office was small. I could find nothing in the same price range.

So, I swallowed my pride and started calling Ikeas out of the states that neighbor Indiana. It was a Friday, I believe, when I called Ikea in Pittsburgh. They had 3-4 left of the color I wanted. They would not let me pay by phone, nor would they take a deposit to hold the desks. So, my dad and I left early Saturday in my Sportage for Pittsburgh. By the time we got there, there were only 2 left if I am not mistaken (but I can't remember for sure). So, I bought them, and some nifty DVD shelving, and came straight back home with my tail between my legs, swearing to never, ever go to Ikea again.

My Fair Jonas is now a dresser at BJ's parents' house

Today we went for a shelf for the shower, a scale, a fan, and a spatula. We returned from the perilous (not was less than 6 minutes by train) journey with exactly what we went for nothing from the list but a spatula. We did, however, manage to get an "Ikea Family" card for free coffee every day of the week they are open BUT the day we were there (also some good discounts) and two bags full of other random things we never knew we needed until we got there (or, more likely, we don't need). I like coasters as much as the next girl, but why do the ones I like have to be named "Groggy"?

On the bright side, the Festa Major de Poble Sec is still going on. It's a big festival for our neighborhood area. So, we went to a street fair, but in American fashion, arrive way too early for too much to be going on. I did, however, buy some super cute earrings that reminded me of BJ's mom because she makes jewelry (it's awesome, more so than these earrings!).

Earrings from the street fair
Angled view of ring BJ's mom made for me
Over the top view of ring BJ's mom made for me

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