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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chelsea - O' Burger, where art thou?

American hamburgers are right under your nose.

                      Special Burguer (left) and Top Bacon (right)

Chelsea is a great burger joint on our street that opened in 1977. The owner was working on a cruise line and was at port in Miami. He decide to bring this concept back to Barcelona in a time when the hamburger was not yet popular here. However, it is now very well known.

BJ and I both got the Top Cris burger and shared fries with our table which consisted also of our landlord and his au pair, a super sweet Finnish girl. She taught us that hampurilainen is Finnish for hamburger. Thankfully we didn't have to order in Finnish, because I can't pronounce that word. Actually, they speak English at Chelsea, for those of you who are too timid to practice your Castilian or Catalá.

So, in addition to the wonderful bun and hamburger, Top Cris boasts:
- Lettuce
- Cheese
- Eggs
- Bacon
- Ketchup
- Mayo

I don't even like it when any part of the egg is liquid...but this burger was really, really good! The fries were also super good. It was so messy we each used several of the tiny napkins you pull out of the napkin dispenser at the table. Our server was also attentive, and they have a terrace.

UPDATE: Tonight (21, July 2012) we went again to Chelsea. I'd say it's just to get pictures for the blog, but BJ was the one who actually wanted to go this time. I got the Special Burguer (spelling according to menu - pictured above), and BJ got the Top Bacon (also pictured above). We shared onion rings and to drink I had Coke (with lemon) and BJ had Estrella - total bill, 15 euros. Not bad considering we ate on the terrace which always has an upcharge. As usual, the burgers were superb.

                                         These were delicious!

Below you will find contact/location information for Chelsea:

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Tel: 93 325 34 47- Avda. Paral-lel, 172 bis - 08015 - Barcelona-España


  1. Ah Yes, Estrella. We will drink one to your good fortune in Martintuckey.

  2. Why, thank you. May your stock of Estrella be plentiful.


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